What Is an Implant Bridge?

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Individuals that have multiple teeth missing might want to consider getting an implant bridge. These can preserve jawbone and restore smiles. Additionally, implant bridges make eating much easier. Keep reading to find out more about getting an implant bridge.

What is an implant bridge?

An implant bridge uses dental implants placed in the patient’s jawbone as a base. The restorations are the visible portion on the top and replace the teeth. These can preserve the nearby teeth and preserve the jawbone. Plus, the implant bridges can maintain the shape of the patient’s smile.

Maintaining the shape of one's smile can prevent future complications. If the teeth are missing, an implant bridge is a good option. A removable bridge attaches to the nearby teeth and can be removed to be cleaned. However, an implant bridge attaches to the implants in the jawbone. This offers a permanent solution that the patient does not have to worry about. These implants act and look like natural teeth.

Why a patient might need a dental bridge

If there are missing teeth, the patient might be affected in many ways. An implant bridge can address these issues, which might include restoring the chewing ability and smile. The implants also maintain the shape of the patient’s face. Plus, they can adjust the bit to distribute the force correctly during chewing.

The advantages of choosing an implant bridge

This is a long-lasting solution and can help to maintain the patient’s tooth structure. It keeps the other teeth from shifting toward the gap. Plus, the bridge can function and look like the natural teeth. The implant bridge is a strong replacement that can easily withstand regular chewing and biting.

The patient will not have to worry about the prosthetic shifting during smiling or eating. One reason that the implants can preserve the bone is that they stimulate the bone as the tooth roots do. This option is often less expensive than replacing every tooth in the patient’s mouth that is missing.

What the treatment is like

The consultation with the patient is the first step before placing implants. To begin putting an implant bridge in the mouth, dental implants are needed first. These are placed in the patient’s jawbone. The implants will act as the root of the tooth, creating a strong base for the bridge to rest on. Today, it is fairly simple to place implants in the patient’s mouth. Many times, patients are able to leave the office with a temporary bridge placed in the mouth.

Choose an implant bridge today

If you have one or more teeth missing, then there are a number of options available. One of these options is an implant bridge. It is a good idea to talk to a dentist about different options. Patients can then decide whether or not an implant bridge sounds like a good solution. There are many advantages to choosing this replacement method. Consider the factors before making a decision.

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