Does a Dental Implant Restoration Look Natural?

Dental Implant Restoration Madison, MS

Dental implant restorations are very versatile, not only because of what they can do but also because of how they look. One of the more common questions about the implants is if the restoration will look natural enough. If the dentist places them correctly, the implants will not look any different than the rest of the patient’s teeth. Continue reading if you want to know more about dental implant restorations.

Why dental implant restorations look so natural

Patients might want the smile to go back to normal after losing one or more teeth. The good news is that a dental implant restoration looks the same as the rest of the teeth. So, the patient could have the front or back teeth replaced with no issues. Part of the reason is that the dentist is careful to match the color and shape to the existing teeth.

The implants look natural after getting placed. However, the patient will not notice that the implants feel any different than the natural teeth either. The implants undergo osseointegration, meaning the implants become part of the jawbone. The patient will not need to worry about the implants feeling different or out of place.

Customizing each implant

The technique used to place the implant is important, but so is the art behind the process. The dentist will choose the correct type of material and implant type to help the replacement not look too obvious. The dentist will see if the material looks natural and meets the rest of the teeth’s specifications. The dentist will also want to prevent the implant itself from being visible through the patient’s skin. That is more of a concern for older patients.

How the dentist uses dental technology when placing a dental restoration

The patient will want to work with a dentist that has experience in the field. However, the patient will also want to pick a dentist that uses the right technology. The patient can help the implants last as long as possible by choosing the proper treatment. For instance, there are several techniques the dentist could use.

That could include technology to take digital impressions instead of physical ones. The dentist will look for bone density and potential issues, such as infections. The dentist could use surgery guided by computers. That way, it is possible to insert the posts more accurately. The implants will then stay in place better, looking more natural. That is particularly the case next to the other teeth.

Choose the right dental implant restoration today

With advanced technology, the dentist can help you get the smile you have always wanted. If you have missing teeth, you can get a highly natural replacement by choosing one from your dentist today. The dentist has the training to place them in the correct location to enjoy a natural look. The dentist can help you decide if you are the right candidate for the procedure. Making an appointment today is the first step in learning more about the options.

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