Dental Implants: How Long Is the Placement Process?

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If you have been considering whether to opt for dental implants, read on to learn more about this procedure and how long it typically takes. You may have heard that the implants process takes a long time or is not very easy. Before deciding whether or not dental implants are appropriate for you, there are many things to consider.

How long does it take to get dental implants?

Dental implants resemble natural teeth in appearance, feel, and function, making them a popular option for tooth replacement. The process of getting dental implants is fairly extensive. Although the dental implant surgery procedures and timeframes differ from patient to patient, it always includes multiple steps.

The process for dental implants may take anywhere from six to nine months from beginning to end. The length of time is due to the need for multiple operations to be completed, and most of this time is spent recuperating between stages.

If the patient needs bone grafting, this period may be prolonged by three to four months. When bone tissues have receded or degraded, a bone graft or transplant is needed in order to rebuild the jawbone. This creates a strong foundation for the implants to be put on. Before placing dental implants, the dentist will assess the state and health of the patient's jawbone to decide what is required.

Implant placement

The titanium implants are inserted into the bone sockets of the lost teeth once the patient has received a shot of local anesthesia and is ready for dental implant installation. It may take up to one hour to place one implant.

Patients must wait for the implants to integrate with the bone after they are placed in the jawbone. Osseointegration is the name for this process and typically takes four to six months. Once the posts are firmly embedded in the bone, they function as prosthetic tooth roots, and the next thing is to attach the abutment.

After the bone has healed

The abutment is a socket-shaped part that will ultimately connect the custom-made crown to the implant post. The abutment connection is a simple procedure, but it is an important step in the process of obtaining your new smile. Your dentist may offer a temporary dental crown after the abutment is connected to the dental implant post. This will protect the area until the custom crown is manufactured and ready.

The last step is the crown placement

The process is almost complete after the jawbone is completely healed and ready to support new bespoke ceramic crowns. A simple in-office visit is required to install your prosthetic teeth, which have been shaped and colored to fit in with the rest of the smile.

The bottom line

Traditional dental implants require installation time, but they may last up to 25 years with adequate care. To learn more about tooth replacement options and ask questions, book an appointment at our dental office today.

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