Cost Analysis of Dental Implant

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Having a dental implant placed can do wonders for a mouth that has missing teeth; however, it does come with a price. Dental implants are one of the most successful methods of tooth replacement, and that is a big part of why they can be pricey. 

When someone is considering replacing missing teeth, it is likely that they will want the best option; however, that may not always be within the budget. Being aware of what the cost analysis is like for dental implants may be helpful when debating the different options.

Cost analysis of dental implants

It is important to know the price breakdown of dental implants. In this article, we highlight the majority of the costs.

Not all implants cost the same

One important thing to note when considering dental implants is that not all of them cost the same. Each practice may charge differently for dental implant services based on a few of the following things:

- The location: Dental implants vary depending on the location of the practice. Places that have a higher cost of living may charge more for dental implants.

- The material: For the most part, dental implants are constructed of titanium, but sometimes they are made of zirconium, which could cause the price to fluctuate.

- The required work: If the patient needs four teeth replaced, the cost may be higher than if only one tooth needs to be replaced. Also, if the patient needs a bone graft due to a lack of jawbone structure, then the entire procedure will likely be pricier.

The average cost of dental implants

While there are different factors that can determine the ultimate price for each dental implant, there are some general numbers that one can refer to when considering this method of tooth replacement.

On average, one dental implant can cost anywhere from $1,200 to $3,000. That price is just for the dental implant portion of the entire tooth replacement process, though. It is also necessary to factor in the abutment, which connects the implant to the artificial tooth. The abutment can range anywhere from $500 to $1,200. Lastly, the artificial tooth must be factored in, which tends to run upwards of $2,000.

Tooth replacement with dental implants also can be done with the use of dentures, which could tack on a few thousand more. A full mouth reconstruction is another procedure that patients consider when they need multiple teeth replaced, and this can be priced upwards of $25,000.

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